Accepted, Merit and Excellence images to be printed and hung at photographie open exhibition

In the digital age, it is a sad truth that very few beautiful images make it to print these days.

That is why we are please to announce that this year’s PHOTOGraphie Festival will also feature work from our Provincial Image Competition!

In addition to the beautiful work of our keynote speaker Ken Sklute and the curated show, we will hang printed images from our Provincial Image Competition.

This annual competition will be taking place Thursday September 24th at the Anvil Centre.  Feel free to stop by and watch the action in Room 101 from 9 until approximately 5pm.

Thanks to our generous sponsors at LaminART and Photo EXPERT, we will be showcasing work from this image competition as well.

Stop by and see the results of the work accepted in to this prestigious competition in glorious print!  Photo EXPERT has generously offered to print all these images on fine art paper and LaminART will be printing the images awarded with ‘Excellence’ to be framed and hung as 16×20.

All the work of those hanging in the show will be free to take these prints home once the open exhibition ends.

Look forward to seeing you there!

photographie festival, open exhibition, ppoc image competition, printsphotographie festival, open exhibition, ppoc image competition, prints